PODCAST: Lin Pardey - 200k miles of sailing, dual circumnavigations, book author

Dear Friends

Just a few weeks ago, David suggested I get to know more of his background as an Australian. So we left Sahula secured in a marina near Hastings, Victoria, rented a car and took off for the outback. Only one problem. I had agreed to do an hour long podcast for Josh Pederson who of thisoceanlife.tv. So before heading into the Flinders Ranges, we stopped where we could get good internet reception and made the connection.
So on New Year's Eve Australian time, I spent an enjoyable time on the phone with Josh who lives in California. I hope you enjoy the results of the far ranging conversation we had.


P.S. The outback was stunningly barren. We were guests on a sheep station of 125,000 acres which in the best of times can carry 450 wool bearing sheep. But the drought conditions mean that right now there are only 900. Not a blade of grass to be seen, just spindly looking shrugs and stately Eucalyptse trees along the dry stream beds. And yes, smoke from the fires 200 miles to the south made visibility very poor some days. Interesting insight into the background for the stories that David grew up reading.