November 2021 Newsletter

Spring is slowly fighting its way past frontal troughs and low pressure systems here in New Zealand. Every third day is sparkly bright with light or moderate winds. David has been given the almost permanent loan of a 25-year-old Laser in quite good condition (as it had no name, he has decided to call it Louee.) Since Sahula is still stuck on the tidal grid next to the shop undergoing the last five or six weeks of a major interior refit, I have moved Felicity my little Herreshoff 12 ½ sloop, into the marina berth at the end of our jetty. So despite a Covid lockdowns, we are getting in a bit of sailing. When the tide and wind is right, I head out on Felicity, David on Louee and we exchange tacks in the light wind, I watch him scoot off towards the horizon when the wind freshens. We both come home feeling like life is just fine, then charge into the next refit project with more gusto.

Yesterday the galley sink bench went in for its next to last fitting. Tomorrow David will plumb up the water pumps and drains. And by the end of the week, if all goes to plan, the stove enclosure and refrigerator area work counter will be in place. These are all built beautifully of stainless steel and at the moment look a little stark – but once the varnished rails and cabinets are back in place, I think the galley will look great. And if all goes to plan, covid restrictions should be fully lifted, Sahula ready and we can head off for a summer of cruising.

You might enjoy listening to this podcast,  Annika, the interviewer, is from Finland but now lives in Canada. She was delighted to hear Larry and I had not only cruised to Finland, but taken an inland trip to stay in a village only a few miles from where she grew up. She also asked some good questions about making a boat easier for a small woman like myself to sail.

Fair winds


P.S. And if you have had a chance to watch The Real Deal, love to hear your reaction. For those who would like to see it there are two formats available DVD format clickhere or as a download from vimeo